Fredric Shulman, Ph.D., DAPA, LMHC, LPsyA, CCP
(718) 745-1395; 917-951-7248
110 Bay Ridge Avenue
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11220

I am a licensed psychotherapist and certified coach practitioner, specializing in: individual, couples, marriage and family counseling;  love, lust and sexual addiction recovery ( as well as other addiction recovery  - alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, tobacco, exercise, etc. );  wellness counseling ( for chronic, stress-related, life-challenging illnesses, with an auto-immune component ); trauma and disaster recovery ( which very often leads to post-traumatic stress disorder and complex stress disorder ); educational and career guidance; organizational consultation & EAP programs and assessment/testing services. I maintain a private practice in Brooklyn, New York ...and  could also be available in Manhattan. I can make home and business site visits and can provide telephone and teleconferencing sessions. I know that this sounds like " alot of stuff  " ...  but I've been in private practice for quite awhile. I also believe that I owe it to my clients, to pursue ongoing and varied continuing education, to help them with a full range of clinical, personal and professional needs. Doing so, also keeps ME healthier and happier and enables ME to be a better man, husband, father and friend in my own personal life.

With almost 4 decades of experience as a clinician, educator and professional manager... and as  a graduate of CUNY's Brooklyn College ( B.A., Cum Laude ) , New York University ( M.A. ) ,The Union Institute and University  ( Ph.D. ) and The Alfred Adler Institute of New York ( psychoanalytic training )... and with extensive and ongoing, additional training ... I work with a broad spectrum of clients with a broad range of issues.

My treatment approach is to provide you and your loved ones with support and practical feedback, to better enable each of you to resolve the current problems and long-standing behavioral patterns that just don't work for you... and that probably never have. I incorporate a blend of conventional and alternative approaches to suit you and your loved ones. With sensitivity and compassion, I will help each of you to build on your strengths and to achieve the happiness, the good health and the wisdom that each of you deserves.

I sincerely thank you for this visit and I look forward to speaking with you and to meeting with you...So call me and we'll schedule a complimentary, in-person consultation.

Education : Ph.D, M.A., B.A., CUM LAUDE    

Additional Training: Extensive...Feel free to inquire.

Licenses, Certifications, Awards, Publications, Lectures:  N.Y.S. Licensure as Mental Health Counselor and Psychoanalyst; Certified Coach Practitioner ...Feel free to inquire about additional certifications, licenses, awards, publications and lectures.

Professional Activities and Memberships: Numerous...Feel free to inquire.