Fredric Shulman, Ph.D., DAPA, LMHC, LPsyA, CCP
(718) 745-1395; 917-951-7248
110 Bay Ridge Avenue
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11220

I can help you and your loved ones with the following issues:

  • ADDICTION RECOVERY & HEALING  -  These addictions include: Alcohol; Drugs; Exercise; Food; Sex, Love & Lust; Shopping; Tobacco & others.
  • PAINFUL EMOTIONS - These emotions may include: Anger; Anxiety; Conflict; Confusion; Disaster; Fear; Grief/Loss of a Loved One; Guilt; Panic; Sadness; Shame; Stress;Trauma & others.
  • EDUCATION/CAREER/WORK ISSUES -  You deserve the satisfaction of feeling creative & productive at work and being paid well for your work efforts. I'll guide and assist you along the way. 
  • LOW SELF-ESTEEM  -  You already are a really good may just not know it yet . I'll help you get there.
  • RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS ( Personal & Professional )  -  These problems may include: Adoption & Fertility Issues; Couples/Marital/ Family/ Parenting/Separation/Divorce Conflicts & Workplace Difficulties with Co-Workers & Supervisors. 
  • MEDICAL & HEALTH CONCERNS  -  For these concerns, I utilize psychoneuroimmunology - a mind/body treatment approach ( often called a quality-of-life approach ), designed to assist in the healing of chronic, stress-related illness/disease, often, with an auto-immune component. These conditions can include: arthritis, cancer, circulatory disorders ( heart attack and stroke ); Crohn's disease; chronic fatigue syndrome; diabetes; digestive disorders; epilepsy; HIV/AIDS; kidney dysfunction; multiple sclerosis; musculature dystrophy spinal cord injury...and others.
I should add, here, that I am also a Certified Coach Practitioner ( CCP ). This work has traditionally been called life/executive coaching. Coaching and psychotherapy/counseling can address some of the same issues but from different perspectives. The primary, most important difference, is that coaching, in any of its varieties, focuses on establishing, processing and achieving life goals. It focuses on the present and on the future. It does not and should not address deeper emotional and psychological issues, which very often can deter life planning and achieving related goals. It is for people who aren't in the kind of distress that requires psychotherapy/counseling.

If you'd like to learn more about the coaching that I do, then please visit either of the 2 following websites: or

As your psychotherapist/counselor or as your coach, we can work together in my office, your home, your work site,on the telephone or via teleconferencing ( i.e. Skype ). Whichever way works for both of us, I promise to give you the utmost attention,care and empathy that you deserve. Thank you.